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Recessed Lighting

The sub panel (or distribution panel) in your home is one of the most important components in your electrical system. Current code requires AFCI (arc-fault) protection on all 15 and 20 amp circuits in your home (except bathroom and laundry). Most older panels do not support these types of circuit breakers and should be replaced. The worst panels to have in your home are a Zinsco or Federal Pacific brand panels. These brands may fail to trip in the event of an overload and are a potential fire hazard. Call Alley Electric to evaluate your sub panel and make recommendations to enhance the safety of your home. 

Sub panel Replacement

Whether you have underground or overhead electrical, we will take care of upgrading your main service. We always work with permits and coordinate with PG&E or your local electrical utility company to get the job done right and to code. If you're thinking about adding solar panels, a car charger, or even air conditioning, call Alley Electric to determine if a main service upgrade will be right for you.   

If your kitchen or bathrooms are stuck in the '70s, it might be a good time to update the electrical. Most older kitchens were not wired up with heavier load appliances in mind. Did you know that an average kitchen needs seven dedicated circuits? Did you know that the receptacles in the kitchen need to be both AFCI and GFCI protected? Give Alley Electric a call to have your kitchen or whole house evaluated. 


Service At A Price You Can Afford!

Service Upgrades

Alley Electric specializes in residential wiring. New construction, additions, remodeling, or retrofits are all well within the scope of our expertise. Big or small, short or tall, Alley Electric is the company to call first. Our expert electricians will handle your project from start to finish with the care and knowledge that sets us apart from other local electricians. Being quick isn't always the best approach. Alley Electric is methodical and takes their time to make sure the job is done right the first time. 

Build Outs

Installing recessed lighting in your home will not only brighten things up, but will enhance the entire look of the room. If you're using a problematic floor lamp or have outdated lighting in your room, consider the beauty of LED recessed lighting. They are low profile, energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and will add value to your home. 

Alley Electric can handle your residential electrical repairs. They have the knowledge and know-how to identify problem areas of the home and make necessary repairs to alleviate potential hazards. If you are having issues with flickering lights or power loss in your home, call Alley Electric first. If you smell burning or see smoke, call 911!